March 27, 2010
The Snakes, they come
They come across the floor
They come across the gap
The Snakes, they come

Up, I climb,
I climb up so high
They can never find me up here
But they can watch

I cannot get out
I can’t
I can’t see anyone, or anything
The snakes, they come

Venom, and fangs
Fill up my dreams like
Fill up my dreams
I climb up so high

The world cannot know
The world can’t know what happens
Yet I tell
I am bad, but I tell because of the snakes

They don’t understand
They don’t, or they can’t
They don’t know
I seem so normal, so sweet

But the snakes are not
And the snakes are what I run from
I can’t see
I can’t hear

If I was like the snakes,
Then maybe they would understand
But I cannot be like the snakes
I climb up so high

The snakes are coming for me
The snakes in that room
So fast they come
Venom, fangs, snakes

The world must not know
The world can’t know
I can’t know
I have to get rid of the snakes

I am like the snakes
I am locked in like them
Locked in a room
But not a tank

Nobody can talk to snakes
Nobody can talk to me
I tell them about the snakes
They try but they don’t take the snakes away from me

The snakes they come for me
The snakes they come
They don’t know
They’ll never know.

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