April 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse 1:
Shadows reflecting
Off the ocean floor
Waves are crashing down
Against rocks on the shore
Its a storm waiting to happen
And still I'm standing here
In the middle of the beach
Letting the waves fall over me
The hurricanes coming in
I'm letting the ocean win

So serene and calming
My eyes are shut tight
Crashing waves and blowing wind
I still stand to fight
Let it overtake me
Let me become
All I can be
With my little spot of Freedom

Verse 2:
Oceans rippling water
My relection fades to grey
The birds flying higher
Can they carry me away?
I know the storm is coming
I probably will die
But here I am smiling
I have no clue why
My deaths on its way
Just another day


My freedom baby
All I want
A litttle peice of...freedom.

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