My Note

April 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm looking at the sky
And figured
I need to say goodbye
Christian all I know
Is I've always loved you
I'll always love you
Until they bury me underground
Shouldn't be to much longer
You're my best friend
The only one I honestly trust
And I'm sorry that it ends
I'm sorry that we'll never know
But the pain has to go.
Conner what to say?
You were the one that stopped the pain
One look from your brown eyes
And I couldn't be hurt
You were there when I needed you
And for that I love you and thank you
I've finally decided I"m not choosing
We could have had fun
The school thinking we're together.
But everything has to end
Kimmie I don't know
Take care of the girls for me
And know I'm going to miss you
I'll miss all of you
But this is my time
This is my choice
Joey, my best friend
I'm sorry. That's all I can say
Remember the good times
Poptarts and skittles
Monsters and Dew
The crazy dress-ups with Mary lee
The times that grandma thought
We were together.
Making everyone think we were.
Tell Nathan
Don't wait any longer
You two are great together
The rest of them can shut up.
Alex...I love you and I'm sorry
Don't cry for me
Cause it was my choice
I'm sorry babygirl
Nathan please
Take care of Joey for me
You're the best thing for her
And I saw it in both your eyes
Don't listen to the rest of them
Keep her smiling.
Hold her close
And keep her safe
If you can
Make the nightmares fade
To all of you
And any I've missed
Don't follow me
I must do this alone
Just know I love you
With all of my heart
And I'm sorry
But this is the last you'll hear
Because after tonight
Princess, Tasha, Angel, Ashes, Babydoll,
Won't be here.
Jamie I'm still your angel
Conner I'm your Princess.
Alex I'm your babydoll.
But I have to go
Daddy's calling me home
I'll see you guys some day
Don't cry for me
I love you.
I'll spend eternity in your minds and hearts
Love always
Ashes, Autumn, Christabel,
Love me.
"Hey daddy."

The author's comments:
I was bored and life was getting the best of me. But I'm better now.

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