April 19, 2010
By Garrett Henson SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
Garrett Henson SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
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The year starts with spring,
The flowers bud,
and daylight hour’s change,
There are many colors outside,
The snow melts off of the mountains,
The smell outside is fresh.
Next is summer,
The flowers bloom,
And the days are hot,
Kids are off from school,
Playing outside and swimming,
With long days and having a blast,
Not thinking about anything else.
Then autumn begins,
Flowers start to die,
And days start to get cooler,
Trees are amazing colors,
Red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves,
All over the ground,
Kids jump in piles of leaves on the floor.
Finally it is winter,
With no leaves, trees look dead,
Freezing all day and night,
Snow everywhere,
Parents bundled up in their house,
Warming up in front of the fire place,
Kids playing with each other in the snow,
Kids also counting down the days till Santa comes.
Lots of special things for each season.

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