Definition of a Woman

April 19, 2010
By Anthony Bucco BRONZE, Cullman, Alabama
Anthony Bucco BRONZE, Cullman, Alabama
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woman ’wum-?n

[IN A LITERAL SENSE] 1: A quasi,-adult female person 2: The eyes shining away from me in the lee of the Thursday caferteria 3: 51% of the people breathing in the world [IN AN INFATUOUS SENSE] 1: the gnat that excites taboo axons in the dark side of the few cubic centimeters in my head 2: The object of the cold pole I kiss in the Neil Young/solitude of the night 3: The dreamdiver penetrating human crystals not yet condensed into the oscillating blood hills headed for the pillow [IN A MATRIARCHAL SENSE] 1: An MTV soul futilely crying over dead Jesus Christ 2: The Truant officer casting Mr. Jagger into his own failure within two C’s 3: The space between her bosom and her arms as I pull away before they lock too tight [IN A SPITEFUL SENSE] 1: A MySpace message conveying true pity and fake sympathy 2: The source of insults and teases cyclical among the aerial vibrations 3: Eye shadow dyeing modeling clay cheekbones exotic colors far from domestic charm;

ORIGIN: From the cynical humor God imposed upon Adam’s ribs

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