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Bedside Manner

April 19, 2010
By fklepatz SILVER, Tiffin, Ohio
fklepatz SILVER, Tiffin, Ohio
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Fluffy welcoming creation of comfort,

Elegantly intensifies all moments of bliss,

Effortlessly caresses away all sorrows in my heart.

Laughter is piercing, tears are peaceful.

Dull, bleached sheets of unstained white surround the old woman,

Enchanted oranges and pinks fill a little girl’s arms.

Feats of life and death encompass this piece of furniture,

Years of emotions tell the stories we all forget.

A morning dove awakes a baby boy with its song of a new day.

Downy, snowy owls call an elderly man to rest.

Only a mother can understand the agony of giving birth.

Real loss is felt by the bedside of a loved one as their hand goes limp in yours.

Everyone knows the sounds of an alarm attempting to arouse them from sleep.

The thing connecting us all in these times,

Racing children bring their mother breakfast in bed,

Unusual tears fall on her chest as she eats her eggs with a smile

Sexual experiences filled with passion for those in love,

Tension builds up in the bosoms of those unwilling to put up a front any longer.

Baby blankets, heating pads, and pillows of every size cover its surface.

Eating up all conscious thoughts only to replace them with,

Dreams, dreams of whatever world you have every dreamed of being apart of.

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