Sweet Dreams

April 19, 2010
Just close your eyes tight and kiss me in the rain.
This doesn't feel right, it just isn't the same.
You cheated and you left me,
Our love just went away.
Then you crawled back to me
expecting it to all be ok.
I can't do this anymore;
I feel like such a w****.
I shouldn't feel like this!
It started off as bliss, how did it get to this?
I have to go!
I'm leaving you forever, forever and for always.

That was three years ago.

I look back and now I see
you never really loved me.
Finally, I'm set free.
I know it took awhile and, I'm sorry for that
but, baby it's time to relax.
Finally, I'm set free.
I'm really sorry honey, but this was the best thing for me
So lay your head down gently,
and drift off to sleep
I hope you have the best damn life.

Now, Sweet Dreams.

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