Graduation Day

April 20, 2010
By DEZIILEZII BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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It was graduation day
the class of 2008 impatiently waits
to hear their name get called
this fine day in may

Sandy, local bad boy
throws his hands up
and screamed
"I did it, I finally made it!"
like it was something he never dreamed.

There was a party that night
where all the graduates celebrated their new life
it came slithering down the street
with no head lights on
no one saw it coming
no one heard a sound.

And then comes the flashing along with a bang
a total of three
with a cross fire of hestrical screams.

It was the next day when I heard
11th grade english
Tay was on my lap, Dan standing in front of me
they say I went ghostly white
I didn't say a word
I got up and went out the door.

Tay followed me out
tried to calm me down
and when I hit the ground
there came a wholenew sound
my tears fell
like rain in a hurricane
she held me tight
held me close
but no words ever came.

we wnt to Sandy's funeral
sat 5 rows back
his mother and father were hestrical
his brother stood stone cold
and his eyes were black
his brother was murdered
and there's nothing to be said that will bring him back

At the grave site
I sat
looking around me as if to see a ghost
off to the side
a lonely memorial burned bright and loud
come to find out
that it was a graduate who died
a head on collision
her mother silently cried.

It's graduation day
it's time to party
but i go to the cemetary
set flowers on the graduates grave
her name was Annie,
and because I know he'd love it,
I gave the last drink to Sandy.

The author's comments:
it's a true story.. i had to write a narrative poem on a series of pictures of our choice. i chose one of graduats that reminded me of my friend sandy so thats who i chose to write about.

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