Life your life

April 20, 2010
Life is our breath and thought
It is everything we have been taught
Lfe is short and can be sweet
Some things can lift us right off our feet
Life is what we make of it
And when we get knocked down get up dont ever quit
Live your life and enjoy being free
Because some people cant live like you and me
You only have one life so live it well
And when you die dont end up in hell
Life isnt easy or always fun
And when it's hard dont get up and run
Plant your feet and fight until the battle is won
Or until it is said and done
Living is the biggest part of life
Giving up is like killing yourself with a knife
Live until death comes your way
And until then, be thankful you have lived another day

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ErinCole said...
May 7, 2010 at 3:37 pm
I thought this was a good poem
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