April 18, 2010
whats the point of being mad? whats the point of sides and why should we have to choose. its like an earthquake split the world in half and im on one side while my true best friend is on the other. how do i jump? how do i choose? why should i loose they only friends i have left? why should you jusge me? why should u choose who i talk to? especailly when you DONT know how i feelwe should be here for eachother and not have to treat eachother like we dont care about eachother when the only reason were fighting is because we do care.we all know we love eachother. why do i have to have a million different voices speaking a million different things in my head. why cant i make them stop? why cant i pick the one i want to here. Its because everyone is driveing me nuts. that all i can think of now. just shut up. because ur those voices. and i dont want to stop being friends with you to make them stop? why does it have to be this complicated. i shouldnt have to choose anyting.You're one person in the world on top of a billion more. DO you feel like you're on top of the world? , because you should want to feel that way. You're one more person to make a difference and add on to what our nation is built on. Be somebody all ready! Don't loose yourself no matter what happens.

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Cupcakecutielol said...
May 17, 2010 at 7:27 pm
AhhhQQ sorry guys TONS of spelling errors in here it's awful! I'm sorry! haha
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