April 18, 2010
In times of love and laughter you lose sight of the inevitable. I give my all, to lose it all. Maybe it's a fall to bring me to realization of life's curse. I hold you in moments of pain, I continue to fight the world without self gain. I love you no matter how hard it rains. Now I begin a journey through loss, but to never give up, no sight lost. I cry with tears of hope, I crumble with every doubt. Expect the unexpected. Never taking pure love for granted. The innocence you hold, the story untold. When does it end, you have no where safe to go. I find strength through grieving, though it kills me to know. I give you my heart, I give you my soul, I give you courage that I don't always hold. It's the beginning of the end, we don't always win. I raise my head and find my faith. I see her there at heaven's gate. She impresses upon me to have patience, to find my inner spirit, the light within my soul. I believe in the impossible; I will fight for you till the last battle. My love for you will overcome the struggle and once again we will have each other.

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