I Want My Passion... to Die

April 18, 2010
The sun rides the sky
Slipping slowly away, into the mouth of the horizon
Boiling hot
Burning me
Breathing on me
Beating me with heat
The sky has no clouds painted on its face

Underneath it all, I work
Work with the fire that is passion within me
Burning a bright blue
Slowly melting me from within
But without a doubt I must continue
Continue burning passion
Continue it through my work
Through my words
Through my actions

Slowly I am deteriorating


She asks

I am

I lie
and say

Guilt adds to the
Stress adds
to the burning
Love adds to
the painful
When I think I can take no more than
109 degrees of passion
109 degrees of stress
109 degrees of love

Its rains…
Yelling rain, drops from the sky
Soaking me in its cries
Killing pure pressure, painful passion, powerful stress
My fire hissssssses away
Letting me breath and laugh
Under the crispy, cold, chaotic rain.

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