Eye of Heaven

April 18, 2010
By Seraphania BRONZE, Taipei, Other
Seraphania BRONZE, Taipei, Other
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The sun has left her daily perch
above the world; here all can see
her gleaming face, the eye of heaven
beginning in her slow descent.
And in her place another comes
a distant cousin much too eager
She casts the world in shades of grey
Revealing what should not be seen:
An ocean still so unexplored.

If could ever have the chance,
I'd take my boat and set my sail
across the dusty riverbed
that streaks across our nighttime sky.
Away from my dear eye of heaven,
past the moon and rings of ice.
I'd carry with me just a bucket
and set my hunt upon the worlds.
A truer starboard there never was.
Until I found my place up there
within the worlds of far-off dreams.

I would never be alone,
yet I can see it might look so.
But gaze upon those midnight pictures
galleries ever so supreme.
The constellations of the night
embracing me in history.
Carina and Lyra would be my guides
as I set sail through galaxies,
lined up against their spiral arms,
Andromeda spreading silver wings.
Containing newborn stars borne from
the ancient dust of mighty suns.

I'd continue moving onwards,
never stopping, never slowing,
until my thoughts of Earth became
a distant memory long since passed.
My ship would orbit dying stars
and I would listen quietly:
The sound that strings the universe
along in perfect harmony.
The music of the spheres, it is
the sound of perfect loneliness.
Ephemeral immortality
cast across the starry seas.
And with the sound I also hear
my own sun calling back to me.

I turn around, and sail home,
forgetting dreams of solo journeys,
past the stars and moons and worlds
that I have set my eye upon.
Trailing plumes of fiery comets
the path before invisible

At once I am in my own system
and, glancing past, I soar back home.
Through flotsam of a celestial kind,
around behemoths in their own right,
until I spot my eye of heaven.
catching me within her sight.

I light upon the ground once more,
and gaze at my beloved sun,
who despite her great expanse
could never see what I have saw.
Instead she stays in perfect place,
a saintly vigil uncompared
to anything that I have found
across the universe and all –

There is nothing like my sun.
a saintly vigil uncompared
to anything that I have found
across the universe and all –

There is nothing like my sun.

The author's comments:
Inspired by Shakespeare's 18th sonnet, which includes the line: "Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines." My idea of what it would be like to leave my sun.

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