April 18, 2010
By snivellus SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
snivellus SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
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"Always" - Severus Snape

Standing in the blistering, golden sand
My feet burn with pleasure
Cool waves sneak up to taste my toes
And soothe the sizzle
Neon explodes above
And the shimmering water reflects the acid sky

A warm breeze caresses my face
I seal my eyes to focus on the perfection this moment holds
The breeze builds up to great gusts
And locks of hair whip around my face,
Shaking me from my musings

My dress billows around me
If I jumped I could fly
But the gales slowly die
Before I can try

Seagulls cry overhead, echoing my pain
Stripping the layers of life and clothes,
I sprint into the chilled water
Beckoning me to break apart the neon glow
Diving headfirst I bathe in the sea of color
I am cleansed of all worries and fears
Emerging for a breath
I gulp in the salty air

This is my paradise.

The author's comments:
I had some help with this one from my 8th grade english teacher. She is truly an amazing person and I owe her so much. Thank you :)

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