The Unknown Waltz of the Sea

April 18, 2010
By LizaW. GOLD, Glenview, Illinois
LizaW. GOLD, Glenview, Illinois
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The salty mist whispers my name

The lullabies of the deep swoon me just the same

My toes curl from the chills of the face I desire to seek

As the grains bow starting a dialogue impossible to speak

As the vast blue curtsies in time

Romance rekindles a flame in the sky

Then begins a familiar waltz known to every man

The whistle of the wind echoes of a thousand hands

White foam glitters like a thousand teeth

While the grains are enrobed in gifts from the sea

Snowy spray of specks strike the eye

Only to be fooled as it becomes once more dry

The harbored strength of the blue is released with a final pirouette

While the grains of forgotten past take a staggering leap to mark the end

I struggle to keep a pace in my breath as the silent music rose and fell

My heart echoing the beats of a drummer boy’s yell

The last resounding beats ran down the shore and back

Everything and nothing could be heard like in an empty track

The sands and water clashing hand in hand they say their adieus

As I walked without a glance to the performance no one knew

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