top down

April 18, 2010
Lights flash on and off
People trying to sell me things I don’t need
It’s way too late (or is it early?)
They all want me to believe
But I’ve only got so much to show
Im so tired
Not just of being awake
My eyes are too open
I guess that’s why they hurt

<I just want to find one reason
To not have to talk to myself>
<I want to care about you>
But I’m missing that something
That keeps the fire burning

The channel keeps changing
But it’s not what’s on tv
My mind keeps changing stations
Of all the things it could think of
Why is this what I choose?
I’m not interested in finding all the reasons
Just the ones in need
The channels finally stops changing
And all I see is snow
The ground opens up for me
A friendly trap door
Frustrations fuel my fixation
Maybe that’s why you don’t like me
Falling slowly
But I can’t catch myself
I look up to see what I’ve missed
But all I see is…

Maybe sleep will come next time
It’s the least of what I need
I can’t wait to get out of here
My eyes close
But these lights won’t leave…

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