Evil's Companion

April 17, 2010
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He stood motionless in the hectic night
Blankly staring down upon the wicked world in which he did not belong
His pale, emotionless eyes were like murky water, so unclear and disturbing
With his ink-black heart persistently pounding against his chest, shattering the still silence

The evil confined within him was like a quilt covering any attempt of prosperity
For his mind and spirit fed upon the pain suffered by the innocent
His pitiless soul dared not permit any sympathy or care to any of his prisoners
Drowning out the helpless screams of terror as they faded to the back of his cruel mind

Fire was his toy, for he played with it day and night
Tossing it around sleeping houses and watching it swallow them in one gulp
An endless amount of golden treasures was what he craved
However, it seemed as if his appetite was never fulfilled

The evil smirk that lay upon his scarred face
Hid the darkest secrets that should never be shared
No matter how vile or frightening something could be
He feared nothing, but everything feared him
Some appear to feel sorry for his torn heart
And the evil he feels he is responsible to carry on his shoulders
For his childhood was nothing to be proud of
With his utterly brutal parents not even trying to care about their bewildered son
Capricorn was his name
For if you knew this dreadful name, your life would become worthless to him

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