What I Saw Staring Back at Me…

April 17, 2010
By quinny BRONZE, Wayne, New Jersey
quinny BRONZE, Wayne, New Jersey
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It was dawn
The sun slightly peering over the peaks
The evening lust still lingering hint fully in the air
Your breath, visible to eye, slow and continuous pattern of exhaling smoke
Thick and white, like the clouds from above
Cold down the throat chilling your every word, the air suppressed in my lungs making it harder for me to breathe
As frigid as polar caps, my hands unable to be moved
My movements are slow and cat-like
Watching every step I take, trying not to disturb the beautiful silence that could slice the heart with pain
The only warm part of my body is my streams of tears upon my cheeks
I am crying like a river
Letting my body relinquish its demons of solitude
But I am not alone
Here with me is another
A devil, a threat
This imposter stands in the midst with I
Even though my eyes aren’t subjected to its presence
Its presence is among me
My body quakes, my toes curl, and my eyes begin cry melancholy rapids
My heart is swallowed by pain as I slowly fall apart
I take a random step in the forward direction
Slowly moving toward the small body of water in front of my path
Its water is murky, hardly visible from the surface
I stand on its edge, the presence is among me
My eyes drift down
I have found my devil it has been with me the whole time
The presence was staring back at me
What I saw staring back me?
My reflection…

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