Down Under The Unexplored Area Under My Couch. I Hope You Get Lost

April 17, 2010
Our love started our perfect
We started piecing together our lives,
Our love
With only a couple pieces left to go
The end was near
We were almost complete
You decided to end the progress
To break apart the puzzle
Of our love
Shove the pieces under my couch,
The one we would sit on together
During a time that felt
So far away now
So the puzzle is gone
It was like we never even started
I found some of the pieces under
That brown leather couch
But then it hit me,
Next time I try to piece together
My love with someone else
Some of the pieces will be gone
You have some
And you hid some under that couch
I will never be whole again
Now that you stole some puzzle pieces
Of me,
My love,
And my heart

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siddy09 said...
May 30, 2010 at 6:46 pm
a certain something tells me i know exactly how u feel lol :)
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