A Well-Worn Mask

April 17, 2010
It hovers over our Earth
Preying on the old and feeble,
The young and helpless,
The ill and vulnerable
Traipsing about in the Heavens
Until a target realized
It makes its descent in the night
Black crest with otherworldly gleam; eyes ablaze
Unsuspecting ones welcome it, without hesitation
Regard it an amiable visitor
Unaware of their fate
Without pause--
Without mercy--
It attacks
Malevolent, ravaging
It renders them stunned
With prey subdued, it strikes its last
Extricating and quickly capturing immortal soul
And, treasure tucked away,
With triumphant gait it ambles out
And flutters gaily, back into the night
Again, by exterior, a mere bird--a demon well concealed
Death has come and gone

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