April 17, 2010
I look down at where you used to sit
And there is a shadow there
It's just this small spot, but,
Everything there is gray
The shadow took the color away
I peer into my memory and wonder Why I've never seen this shadow before
Then I realize
It's because you were there
You shone so brightly the shadow didn't show up
But now you're gone
And this shadow took your place
Filling the space where you used to be
I look up
There is a cloud in the sky
It's always been there
I've never seen it though
Because I was always looking at you
But now you're gone
And this cloud is growing
Filling my vision
It's all I can see
I look down
And the shadow is growing too
Spreading to the rest of my world
And there's nothing I can do
Except stand and watch as it spreads
Taking the light with it
Numbly I walk over and sit where you used to sit
I'll just sit and watch as my world is leached of its color
Nothing sparkles anymore
Because you aren't there anymore
Because you're gone

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