My Lighthouse Keeper

April 17, 2010
By Treeze33 BRONZE, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Treeze33 BRONZE, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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i stand on this ship,
out deep in the sea,
only darkness for miles,
the only thing i see.
There used to be light,
back in the noon of day,
then the fog rolled in,
now there is only darkness to play.
I fear for my path,
upon these high waves,
where is my light?
Where are my saves?
I see nothing but darkness,
standing on this ship,
but suddenly, a beam,
from high behind my hip.
A glorious beam,
filled with warmth and heat,
a beam filled with love,
beneth the white silk sheet.
This beam shines forward,
showing me the shore,
i stand at attention,
this light like a door.
It steered me away,
from certain gloom and doom,
This light came from a lighthouse,
that saved me from an early tomb.
I docked at the shore,
and sprang to the path,
winding up the rocky hill,
away from the wrath.
I wrenched open the door,
and climbed up the stair,
i reached the top,
and saw a beauty so fair.
Her golden locks were gleaming,
her form luscious and slim,
but what made me notice were her eyes,
ever changing colors, never dim.
She stood by the window,
overlooking the seas,
her face full of love,
as her hair fluttered in the breeze.
I walked to her slowly,
staring into her beauty,
this angel saved me from certain doom,
and done so out of duty.
I fell for her then,
at that very spot,
i fell head over heels for this angel,
besides she was incredibly hot.
She saved me from the darkness,
in her lighthouse of love,
I thanked this girl with a kiss,
and held her hand with my glove....

The author's comments:
After My House burned down exactly three months ago....

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