Blood upon the floor

April 17, 2010
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When the world is trying to drag you out
puling you any which way they can to
bring you from the hole your in
saying we want to help
and your better than this
and asking for your hand
and still you take the tiny blade
that glints in the iridescent light
and you watch the blood drop from your wrist
to splash upon the white linolium
and you feel yourself escaping,
you feel yourself let go,
turning over to the pain that consumes you
and you close your eyes and smile,
you revel in the pain beacuse
your human
and the knocks on the door and the screams
to let you in,
and another splash upon the floor.
and how many days, weeks, months, years
have i sat here,
with the blood upon the floor
and teh silence in the hall and the silence in the world
and you smile because
your human.
and they try to pull you from this hole
from the darkened depths of he.ll
but you fall in deeper because you can't be saved
they can't pull you out and your
content to be
to feel human,
and you smile, as another drop hits the floor
and you feel yourself releasing, saying it's okay to be alive
when it doesn't hurt you any more
and you open your eyes and see the blood upon the floor and hear the
silence in the hall
and you look at teh blade thats glinting in the iridescent light
the red a glistning red, and
when you go to sleep, and close your eyes, you wish
there was no blood upon the floor.

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