Federal Botanist Investigators

April 16, 2010
There once was a lady
Of many faces,
She sometimes wore hats
and carried mysterious cases.
she was a carefree spy,
an employee of the F.B.I.

On one special day,
she took a plane
to somewhere far away
She was on a mission,
which required great intuition

This high-tech task
required her to wear a mask.
When her flight arrived,
She couldn't even see the sky.

The air was polluted,
and filled with smoke.
The govenor greeted her,
and so she spoke:
"Your land is polluted,
and covered in grime"
This place is a mess,
and your failure to keep this earth healthy.
should be considered a crime."

The Govenor replied in his deep voice,
"That is why we sent for you,
You arriving here was our choice.
You see, we need your assistance,
we are begging you please,
we want to rescue our plants,
flowers and trees."

And so to the plea,
the agent did respond:
"If you are willing to work,
we will first clean the pond.
We need to clear it of litter,
and purify it's water untill we see it glitter.
We can replace those dead shrubs,
with new green trees,
so that they purify the smoke given off by the factoies."

When you take small steps,
big results may take place.
With the help of it's citizens,
the city wasn't such a disgrace.
So the town lived happily ever after,
in a town that started as a disaster.

If no one would litter,
the health of our earth wouldn't be as bitter.
This problem of Global Warming isn't going to just pass,
our planet needs our help, or else there may not be any more green grass.
We're suffocating this world,
destroying it's land.
Everyone needs to respect it,
and take a stand

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