Laws of Life

April 16, 2010
By , ravenna, OH
My Aunt is and was my hero in so many ways.My Aunt Kathy was a truck diver for 8 years.One thing i will reamer is her great attitude and smile.She would be at work in the greatest of pain and yet not show it.She was a great person to talk.She did not care if you where her worst enemy she was there for you.My Aunt Kathy was a great person to be around.My Aunt Kathy was a mom figure to me.She would listen to me when i needed her.She would help me study.She would talk with me and get my feelings out in the open.She was and is my hero.She would make the time for you if you needed her help with anything.She was there.If it was your brithday or christmas,she would make you a corseted blanket and it would be made with love, and you would be so warm.So my lesson is that no matter who the person is you should be nice to them no matter what your feeling at that time.

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