April 16, 2010
By Darby SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Darby SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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"I know you and you know me, the one thing I can tell you is you got to free!"- John Lennon

An old owl hoots, piercing my heart my soul
That black forest swallows me
A nightingale sings
The moon gazes down with a gentle eye
But I know better
A bat spreads its wings chasing bugs, oblivious to my presence
I am left alone once again as it flies into the distance
All the animals around me going about their lives ignoring me
I am no longer the superior, the top of the chain
I am but cumbersome speck, distantly waking
I was there but now no more
Freedom fills my heart and I stride through the trees
It feels good to walk again
Floating through the woods I come to a bush, which I idly walk through
The scene lying before me is gruesome and I feel a pang of sadness
The trees whisper and the wind carries the secret to the rest of the forest
I can finally hear the their words
“Goodbye, moon,” they whisper, “hello sun”
Before me lay the Night’s catch, sodden, mangled, sad
The bout of sadness is over when I realize what that useless husk did
It imprisoned me, keeping me from what I was missing
I had gone to the woods for peace and I had found it
Pain had been felt in the body, hate had
Now only peace and love filled my soul
Now I could finally see the world for what it really is
I push off the ground and fly toward the beautiful sky
Night’s masterpiece, her work of art
Bubbling happiness fills the place I once stood
I fly up and up until I become a white paint splatter on Night’s black canvas

The author's comments:
i was out camping and thought of this

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