April 16, 2010
By xXWOLFXx SILVER, Brunswick, Georgia
xXWOLFXx SILVER, Brunswick, Georgia
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"can't you pull out if noone is else is coming?" -Brandon Bailey

Abandoned by you all,
I’m gonna crash and fall,
My blistered, bleeding heart,
Has been waiting for your arms,
To hug me so tight.

Where’d you go?
I drew this picture in class for you.
Oh mama,
I’ll never know,
How you could just leave me,
Abandon and deceive me.

But now,
No time for the tears,
I’ve toughened up,
Through the years,
That you weren’t around,
My mind has grown profound.

I know you had drug problems,
But why couldn’t I solve them?
Was your love for me not strong enough?
Please don’t tell me this is growing up,
No one told hold me, even when I’m throwing up.

All those nights I was crying,
You escaped with your lying,
And now my childhood memories are dying.
The sad thing is,
It isn’t even surprising.

Where’d you go?
I decorated my arms for you.
Oh mama,
It comes to show,
What a horrible person you are,
You left me here with these scars.

So now,
I’m waiting for an apology,
And then for you to leave me be.
Because I’m done hanging on.

I drew this picture in class for you.
I’m waiting at the front door for you.
I’m laying here in bed,
Waiting for you to tuck me in.

This is the end,
Goodbye, now walk away,
If you loved me you would’ve stayed,
With me from the start.

The author's comments:
Well, my mom bailed on me when I was like 3 months old. So yeah.

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