this is how i see life

April 13, 2010
many things in my life include
darkness and shadows
broken hearts and
broken windows
everyone wants a part
in the world as something important
this is how i see life

things arent always what they seem
so read between the lines
no one will truley care
if you leave
because someone will always
take your place when you're gone
someone will always be
more important
you can never win
this is how i see life

no one seems to care
if you're there or not
the only way to see
who will be there in the end
is to build a wall
who ever cares enough
who ever is your true friend
they will climb over it
and those who dont
forget about them
because for a fact
they will forget about you
this is how i see life

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Jade-McKaye said...
May 7, 2010 at 9:27 am
this is really good, i loved the first two stanzes, they spoke the most, and had the most emotion, to me anyway. its amazing, keep writing:)
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