I Am a Human Being

April 13, 2010
By JDrapinski SILVER, Malden, Massachusetts
JDrapinski SILVER, Malden, Massachusetts
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My name is Jason,
I may seem happy all the time,
but don't let that fool you.
Don't be surprised when I yell
or when I drop a tear.
I have feelings,
like all people,
but some people don't understand that.
It gets me angry,
but I hide that.

My name is Jason.
I am a human being.
I live.
I breathe.
I eat.
I yell.
I cry.
I do everything just as you would.

I am a human being.

The author's comments:
Everyday I go to school and somebody will ask me the same questions,"Can you cry?", "Have you ever yelled?" I tell them yes but they don't get it. I hope you enjoy my poem.

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