Midnight Pleasure

April 13, 2010
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Deep in her bedroom i lay, paralyzed to the thick of my bone.
what i feel is lust, what i see is anger.
dancing in my eyes, twinkling stars of red.
her eyes are like a harpies talons, piercing, searing, but undeniably beautiful.
caught in her gaze, sleeping in this blood red haze.
Acts committed here, are unseen, only known by us two.
the bond we share isn't real, in the sense that we are simply puppets
furthering our masters will.
for our pleasure.

Parting from the warmth, we travel through the midnight.
through mazing corridors of gnawed flesh and warped soul.
our pleasures are never sated, our hunger is never denied.
preying on the weak is pitiful, we seek the strength to sap.
revenge, retribution, name it what you will,
all part of our game, twisted together like the rope around your neck.

pitfall to daylight, wretched brightness
forcing through our veils of hatred.
today we sift through the normality,
continue through it's redundancy
tonight our pleasures are
like the blade piercing through your soul.

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