April 13, 2010
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i would always take two steps back for you,
then charge when the attackers came...
i would never turn honest shields,
into deceitful weapoons,
then run when the army rose back up again...

maybe it's you that takes me for granted,
and everything else you see is a lie,
how many times can i explain to you,
oh i've tried,
i've tried, i've tried ...

don't disappoint me again,
i can't promise i will stay,
it's a rush of blood to the head,
with so many feelings i cannot even say...

a couple of lines later,
now he we are,
a couple of years after,
we've gotten so far,
ahead of our time,
who are we again, exactly?
that's for us to decide,
and for the world to ponder...

and that is what i stop and do,
when i think of how we've split,
taken sides,
and argued,
it's stupid and senseless,
but I’ve done everything i can...

i do not think i have to work on anything,
all i've done is try and help and help and try,
with nothing in return,
so why waste my time?

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BABe724 said...
May 19, 2010 at 7:44 pm

when i thnk of how we've split,

taken sides,

and argued,it's stupid and senseless...

i can totally relate. this is going to happen with my mom and me sometime soon. enough about me though, i think you did a really great job on this poem. tell me when you write another poem or story again. i hope to read more of your works.

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