April 13, 2010
Isn't it ironic;
how a word can almost
defy its official meaning?
How it describes that
almost everything
will never be how you want it?

Isn't it ironic
how relationships are
the same way?

How we adore those
who ignore us;
Is it a true passion,
or the sense of forbidden fruit?

We ignore those
who adore us;
We blind ourselves
with thoughts or needing
those who don't need us.

We love those
who hurt us;
We fight so hard
to have them love us,
to have them stop hurting us,
to have them accept us.
This causes us...

To hurt those
who love us;
Always making ourselves
lose that one chance to have something truly worth fighting for. That special feeling
that everyone wants
leaves us in an instant.

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Lynxx said...
May 25, 2010 at 11:19 am
this defines my whole life! nice!
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