Earth's Calling

April 13, 2010
By soccerplayer03 BRONZE, Gap, Pennsylvania
soccerplayer03 BRONZE, Gap, Pennsylvania
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I forget but it's really good and by a president- to be completed.

Think again, before you cut down,
That group of beautiful trees.
Which add beauty to the river scene,
Their branches spreading in the breeze.

Think again, before you destroy,
What feeds the world its air.
Burning trunks and leaves in heaps,
Leaving our part of the world in despair.

Think again, before you wreck,
What provides mankind with shade.
A break from the summer sun,
Where children once played.

Think again, before you annihilate,
What is home to many animals.
From supporting nests for birds to a playground for squirrels,
Your actions can destroy their lives as well.

Think again, before the blades cut my trunk,
That we are important too.
Think of what the world could be like,
And what I’ve done for you.
Think again, before your job is done,
And there is no going back.
What will the world look like in 20 years?
Were you a part of that?

Think again, before the damage is done,
Of the one less job for you and me.
No more raking on fall afternoons,
Or taking shelter from the sun under a great big tree.

Think again, before I’m gone,
And there’s no more left of me.
Of what this world would one day be,
If you could only see….

The author's comments:
I hope that people consider what people are doing to our world, and what this world may one day be like.

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