One Day I'll find love

April 13, 2010
By Mistaken GOLD, Sacramento, California
Mistaken GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Stand among us or Walk in our shadows

I walk down the street
and all I hear is cries calling me by the names

And all of that doesn't
mean a thing to me
I only care about how
I feel about myself
and how they can't
hurt me and I
can't hurt them

As I walk through
the city I noticed
that I walk alone
and no one else
lives to call me
the names that
caused me to go insane

But I only see the darkness
and the blood that stains
the streets and the
clothes that I wear
show that I killed
all those that stood
in my way but
then I see her
the one woman
that can stop the
madness I have caused

As she comes closer
my life starts to brighten
and all I feel happy for
the first time in awhile
and my depression and insanity
begin to disappear as I
first feel her smile on
my face and her love
shines off her aura

When I first feel her
touch I shiver and
hold her close and
tell her to keep
me close and never
leave me but as
I look up at her
she disappears and
I'm left alone yet
again but I feel
I'll find her again

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