“The Vision Saving Lost Millions"

April 13, 2010
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I am lost
I am lost
Wondering around with no one to be found.

He’s alone
He’s alone
No real place to call home
No friends to care
No one knows he’s even there.

She’s crying
She’s crying
Laying on the ground she feels a similar sound

It calls and calls
Screams let me in
It’s the impulse again
The sharp edge of the razor blade
Pressed to her skin

She feels alive with every tare
Arms covered in blood
If only someone cared.

Her body strewn out cold
Across the bathroom floor
Her crimson pool flowing out the door.

If only
If only
These millions knew love
To love and be loved
To know and be known
If they only saw the vision.
If they only knew the better days to come
They wouldn’t give up but find hope.
“Save a life save the world.”

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