Sadly Ever After

April 13, 2010
By misslunalovegood GOLD, Manila, Other
misslunalovegood GOLD, Manila, Other
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Favorite Quote:
One broken dream is not the end of dreaming.

Wearing a shining beautiful gown
Is a princess of hurt and wounded heart
A soul crying in the unclear midst
Where agony enclose the screaming peace

It all began in a once upon a time
Where a prince approach the princess very clear
Hearts of them enjoyed each company
And their soul became friends joyfully

Many times the princess have cried
For the problems didn’t left her side
But the prince remained on her side
Never leaving her and devouring the pride

Attraction then struck the prince
Where his heart was hit by cupid, the king
So then he confessed what he truly feel
To princess he loved for god’s sake, for real

Astounding time that moment was
And the princess cried long enough
For happiness flooded her young warm heart
With gratefulness she feels for the one she love

But then confusion brushed through her
For she didn’t know if it’s love she feels
Cause deep inside friendship is what she longs for
Not love and relationship offered by him

And so the princess asked the prince
“Can we bring back the friendship, please my dear?”
The prince hesitated but then he agreed
And promised the princess to follow her creed

But then the next day to the lady’s surprise
Her friend, the prince, courts another one
Another princess of the opposite personality
Where her fighting spirit rules confidently

And yes, she thought, she didn’t have any right
To be upset for what he have done
For commitment doesn’t hold them together
And they’re just friends, and that’ll be forever

And even though they remained as friends
The princess’ heart still longs for something else
But she isn’t quite sure of what it is
That her heart wishes of the contented prince

And now in a ball the princess sat
Crying quietly on the other side
Where in front of her dances the prince
With another princess of the other means

So there her heart shouts in pain
Screaming silently on the main
Yelling for the torture her heart suffers
Is her soul trapped in misery at first

And when decisions are already made
Nothing can change it no matter what
And so the fairytale began in a once upon a time
And ends when she never felt fine

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