Who I Am

April 12, 2010
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Call me a baby,
but you can’t deny
it’s scary to sleep
when the closet door is open wide.
Call me a suck-up,
but I have to say,
the teacher did look
really good today.
Call me mean,
but it’s the truth.
Grandma’s so old,
I doubt she even remembers her youth.
Call me naïve,
but I can’t lie.
When something happens,
I want to know why.
Call me a pessimist,
but I’ve been told
it doesn’t get better
once you get old.
Call me emo,
but I think it’s a curse.
When you look through my eyes,
everything seems worse.
Call me a cynic,
but I must tell you.
No one truly knows,
what any other is going through.
Call me lazy,
but you have to admit,
I’m not the only one,
who is sick of this…stuff.
Call me a liar,
but really, I don’t care.
I may be smart,
but the effort and confidence just aren’t there.
Call me crazy,
but how much must I say it?
When a thing like that comes out my mouth,
I honestly believe it.
Call me bipolar,
but I do go up and down.
One day it’s a smile,
the next it’s a frown.
Call me a freak,
but it’s hard to quit.
I need to stop,
but I just can’t commit.
Call me weird,
but I must inform,
I couldn’t be myself anymore,
if I were to conform.
So call me weird, a freak, bipolar,
crazy, a liar, lazy.
Call me a cynic, emo, pessimistic,
naïve, mean, a suck-up,
Call me a baby.
I honestly won’t think it strange.
It’s who I am.
Why would I want to change?

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