Unlock the Key

April 12, 2010
By , New York City, NY
Peace now, freedom now, sand between my toes
Ocean wind is blowing, cooling the rancid air
For no matter how long we search
The treasure of the island will never show
For no matter how long we dig
Running, fast and trip, trying to hold on as it slips
As she stands there, I want to be hers to love and cherish
A sacred daughter, once lost unto the sea
Tear away the one last string
Holding together the famous tapestry
A story told through pictures, but never mine to tell
The memory lies vivid on her face, aging her once youth
The pain will last, as gold is buried below my feet
Only to be found by one luckier than me
Who has struck riches in a place never I will find
And never will I discover the chest
And in that chest, it holds the key

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