In My World

April 12, 2010
By Barbie2010 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Barbie2010 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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in my world, where i came from
long ago, things are quite different
than what they are here.

the air is like jello
thick, pink jello.
and you would think
that it would suffocate you,
crush your lungs,
make every breath
the work of ten thousand men
moving mount everest.
but it doesn't.
the jello-air wraps
around you, holding you tight
like a butterfly's cocoon;
it seeps into your lungs
and gives you life,
and makes your world
pink, and happy, and carefree.
that is air.

the sun
is an eternal purple sphere
that sheds perfect light
on everything-and suddenly
there are no mysteries
there are no deceits.
the sun brings to light
everything it touches.
it warms you
deliciously comforting.
never scorches.
never burns. your mother
is your comforter,
your divine light,
and truth-teller,
and all is right.

the trees,
the flowers,
the plants
are so many colors..there aren't
names for them
in this world.
just know this-
they brighten our day
with their everlasting cheerfulness
their colors always smiling
their faces always happy.

this is my world.
there is so much more
i could tell you.
but that would be no fun.
you'll have to visit sometime
and find out

The author's comments:
In my world, "CAPITALIZATION" is non-existent as well. :)

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