Silent Tears On A Pillow

April 12, 2010
By courtf BRONZE, Council Grove, Kansas
courtf BRONZE, Council Grove, Kansas
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Silent tears on a pillow. Dried only by the continuous wind
through the white-walled cell with only one curtain.

Gazing at the faces from years passed.
Only smiles and happiness mark the eyes of each.
None thinking that the life they lead now could ever change.

This life now: five years ago a joke,
eight years ago incomprehensible,
and twelve years ago a nightmare.

To live a life without your best friend.
Without your first love.
Without your sister.
Apart from those you love.

When did Life's roads decide to split?
When did Life decide that musketeers, rugrats and b.f.f.'s weren't enough?
When instructing us to forge our own path,
why did they neglect to warn us that we'd be alone?

Faces have come and gone.
Some seem to be lost forever. Others truly are.
Some left with tears. Some left with furrowed brow.
Some good-byed with a kiss, and yet others with just a careless nod.

Will these dancing faces ever become a fixed portrait again?

Old life must pass before a new life can begin.
But these tears on a pillow still remember.

The author's comments:
I live in a dorm at college with none of my childhood friends living anywhere nearby. I was lying in my bed one night looking at the pictures on my wall, when I just started crying and all these words came to my mind. I've never written poetry before, and I wasn't really trying to, but these emotions just came over me and poetry was the only way for me to get them into words.

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KnowingHeart said...
on May. 8 2010 at 8:55 pm
God has a plan for you so know that He cares for you and will give you a future of smiles and love!  Just stay close to Him!


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