The Soul

April 12, 2010
The soul is a mirror, reflecting your true nature
Every mechanic of your being shows true within that mirror
Within that mirror, your being is complete and whole with you

To look inside your soul is to look at the person who is you
And yet you do not recognize that person who is you

No one truly knows themselves, even when they try to find themselves
Only looking inside your soul can you explore the mystery that is who you are
Yet even when you see yourself, you still want to say that it’s not you

Why must you live life never knowing who you are?
You only see the bad, listening to all the bad they say
You’ve become a sheep, following the pack instead of wandering off on your own

There is nothing wrong inside, but you still see the cracks in the wall
This has never caused you harm until people told you different

Never listen to the world, but listen to your soul
Only then will you know who you are

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