Even Though Your So Close

April 12, 2010
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I feel like I'm drowning
being dragged under by a menacing hand
the surface slipping farther and farther away
no one hearing my scream for help

I can barely find the strength to kick free
a feeble attempt to reach the surface
that dances high above
no one sees the hand grasping at nothing

all I can do is watch as my life ends
the last few bubbles of air drift away
my eyes close in the weak stream of sunlight
no one notices though they are all around

I open my eyes once more and steal a breath
glancing around I shake my head to end the daze
light a cigarette and take a long drag
no one seeing even though they stare at me

I'm just another person drowning
every minute of every day
because of myself and the life i chose to live
no one can hear even though they are so close

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