Wind Vs Sea

April 12, 2010
By Kyody GOLD, Grantsville, Utah
Kyody GOLD, Grantsville, Utah
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sea is calm and smooth
wind is restless
without warning wind advances
strikes, penetrating sea's surface
throws her on herself
disturbing her surface for miles
waves grow
begin to thrash about
tearing at the wind
wind is strong
rips deep within sea
sea fills with fear
she feels the raging sea
heavy upon her
she wonders if she has the strength within
doubt, she can't win
as the wind grows stronger
she knows she cant let go
pleads to her creator
he strengthens her soul
wraps her in his protective arms
the storm moves on
unable to win
all that is pure left behind

The author's comments:
inspired by Jenny Phillips "Stronger Than the Storm"

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