eight feet under

April 12, 2010
By tibby BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
tibby BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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i feel you on my fingertips, my toung dances behind my lips-flyleaf

what they wAnted,
dosent matter.
at least not now.
words unsaid, and left for dead.
burried eight feet underground.
for now the breatheing gets harder.
nighmares louder ans stronger.
running is pointless.
no matter how much she wants to.
because the inavadeabul afterlife is gunna find you.
carry the shovle out of the cemitary.
bringing the lies that he never burried.
hide in a corner.
as we die eight feet under.
and now lifes getting harder.
forced enemies stronger.
screaming is pointless.
ignore how much i want to.
because heavens hell is gunna kill you....

The author's comments:
spelling, grammer and punciuaction is and will be ignored. other than that... all comments are welcome

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