April 12, 2010
Hesitating to touch you
I don’t want to scare you away.
I still can’t believe this is real
It’s a miracle you could ever feel this way.

Tell me when you first knew
Was it automatic or out of the blue?
Did it hit you like lightening striking
Or was it slowly, subtly, until it encompassed you?

Do you believe me when I say
I never thought I could feel this way.
If I told you I am a skeptic
Would you do whatever it takes to change my mind?

Hesitating to let you in
It’s such a scaring feeling.
How do I know you won’t hurt me
How do I know where to begin?

I’ve never been confident
Never been too comfortable in my own skin.
But in the strangest way
When I’m with you I feel like I fit perfectly.

Hesitating to admit it
This feeling has overtaken my mind.
I think I’m starting to get it
It’s finally seeping in.

How do I explain it to you?
It’s a kind of magic that can’t be described.
Maybe you just get it too
Like you are linked to my very mind.

Hesitating to tell you
I’m scared of your response.
I hope I don’t get you confused
It’s not friendship I want, it’s you.

The touch of your fingertips on my skin
I never knew I could feel so at peace.
The knowledge that you feel the same way
Has filled in that missing piece.

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