April 12, 2010
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In this age there are many men who crave release, an escape from the turmoil a fruitless existence; a temporary blindness to their suffering. Other men will seek out solitude, hoping to silence the endless screams of a collapsing society through an eternity of ineffective deafening. But still, there are even more who yearn for power, a tool of dark vengeance and blackening retribution, a corrupting taste of evil’s sweetness. At one time, even I have felt these aches, but as I stand here now, I know the deepest of truths; I strive for absolution, salvation for every man who pains, and even more, redemption for all those who regret; absolving souls, no matter their crimes or lack thereof. My mission in this life is that of a savior to my brothers. I wish that no one must know this endless pain of mine, and yet, I hope that every soul, regardless of guilt, would know my ceaseless joy.

Ages ago, in a dark and desperate place, devoid of all light but that of a sympathetic shine from the moon, a dog was born. He was despised by those that spawned him, and shunned by those who saw him, only Heaven would grant this bastard pity. He was a beast with a will that was overshadowed by even mice; a truly timid and frightful soul. As he lived, he was treated like that of a worthless animal, for even lambs could think greater than he; one so foolish and helpless, it was wondrous that he could stay alive. Wretched as he was, his body was fragile like that of an insect; weak and without any hope of future survival. But what was most known, he was foremost a herald with a lion’s pure heart; even as he suffered, he was infinitely loving, the noblest of all.

As days grew into months, and seasons grew into years, this creature grew beyond all expectations. He battled for his life every day, and he struggled through every unimaginable heartache this world would show him; and yet, he would still live. The essence of this mighty heart shone bright, empowering him, and any who looked his way. Through this magnificent will, he overcame all weakness. The suffering that was wrought in his life made him stronger than any man, and he would regret no blood spilt from his body. But as he saw the suffering of others, he could not help but weep in agony, swearing to protect them, he moved on. Even while his body felt the sting of countless blades, this man would never grasp a sword. The only weapon he would ever wield was a blade of altruistic passion, the saving grace for all it cut; the only armor he would ever adorn was a shield of honorable idealism, protecting each of his heart’s intents.

Ages past, and in his wake, history was being made. The weakest of boys had become the greatest of all men, and the most worthless of dogs had become the idol of all wolves. This beastly willpower he had became unrivaled in the entire world; the ground shattered as he walked, as if a herd of elephants were stampeding through. His mind became more than any animalistic urge; foxes envied his cleverness that he used to further justice, and the raven would respect the wisdom he gave unto all he saw. Few would call him wretched now, only those whose hearts were pure as the midnight sky would dare, for his body was the mightiest in all it’s devotion, even the ancient dragons who guard our domain were humbled at his prowess. And still, his heraldic heart shone bright unto all he touched in kindness, the nobility in his soul ached to save and love, as angel’s jumped to his cause in the name of their Lord.

Though born a beast beneath beasts, I became a man amongst men. In my time I have learned much, and now I feel the impulse to share it with all who cross my path, and even those beyond. But this life is far from over, and one day my time will come, but not before my job is finished. I have many more souls to save, and I have many more people to love, but above them all, I still have a promise to keep. But for now, as I continue my conquest of liberty in this life; I am a shield from the darkness, and I am a sword of the light; no evil shall befall this world.

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