Bushido - Way of the Warrior

April 12, 2010
By Bushido_Soul SILVER, East Peoria, Illinois
Bushido_Soul SILVER, East Peoria, Illinois
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"Death before Dishonor and Honor before Death." Or "Die rather than face Dishonor, and face Death with Honor."

In the heart of every man there is a defining cause for his life, this is the reason the heaven’s granted for his existence, and his soul’s destined path. With this in tow, his soul will burn the Abyss deep with its fiery passion; Elysium will shine bright with once unknown purity, wrought from the core of his being; and above all, his bodily vessel will embody righteous power. My soul’s mission was discovered slowly, over countless years, through the endless wars that plague my memory. Within the chaos of these battles, I fought valiantly despite the odds, and even then, blood was spilled en masse. Only after I was brought down to my knees, no longer respected as a soldier, but humbled as a prisoner; becoming the victim of cruel mercy. Kneeling before the blade yearning to pierce my throat, and through the shedding of my own foolish blood, the epiphany overtook me. Through my desperation I understood; with the sacrifice of all of my innocence, and by discarding of my selfish motives; the ultimate quest was presented to my tearful eyes. I speak of Honor; the Way of Only the Truest of Men; the Code of the Divine Crusader. By an Angel’s tender touch, and in spite of a Demon’s fearsome temptation, I know the unyielding compassion for all that breathes, and have renewed hope for all that feels.

Through the trails after every one of life’s tribulations in the sea of time, men will gain experience. With that, the knowledge amassed in their ventures will be shared, and given as wisdom to those in need. The wisdom of my soul is the sword once held tightly in hands, and the lives lain down from its fierce blade. Each of the spirits departed from this world have stories to tell, and with dance of this sword they are constantly retold. The clashing metal speaks of the fantastic journeys across realms of disarray; these are the adventures of the mighty. Every drop of blood spilt speaks of ultimate love, the romance of youthful souls. Roars of victory will speak of the enemy of all hearts, the devil’s miserable taint; the capacity of hate in the human heart. Each of these men still live in my soul, finding solace in that there message is spread across the world; ill deeds as well as the just; each individual’s brotherhood; and each nations heresy. Within all of this, I know who I am; in the darkness, as well as the light.

In that desperate place, nearly slain on the field of battle, the temple of my mind was a place of erratic conflict, besieged by chaos and the invocation of desperate vice. Through that mighty clarity, I was blessed with virtue, and balance was restored, bringing forth order and tranquility. The rebirth of my soul was at hand; three majestic prophets appeared within the domain of my inner cathedral. I was granted an audience with my soul’s guardians; three men with forms chosen by the personification of my true ideals. The infinite heaven’s had allowed me salvation, and with that, a future absolute in actualization. The triumvirate of my soul then spoke what could only be called truth. The Lupine Master, Heraldic in his Symbolic Brotherhood, and Majestic in his Noble Heart, whispered to me a way to end this ageless war; a pacifistic conclusion to the needless slaughter; A Messianic Message of Love and Peace. Then, without doubt, the Draconic Elder, a Deity of Mystic Wisdom, Charismatic in his Kindness, calmly brought forth the path to freedom and liberty; The Oracle’s Prophecy. The Sapient Lord, earthly in his might, and yet, divine in his confidence, rushed forward with his gift; the Spirit of Warrior’s Long Since Past, The Pride in Righteous action.

Their words echoed deep within me, what I was taught, and all that became of it. From then on, I knew what was sinful, as well as what was moral; doubt was stripped from my mind, and my eyes burst forth truth of every action. My first lesson was that of the ultimate gift. I would return what I was given a hundredfold more powerful, and to exponentially more souls. To love selflessly, without regret, and without any condition, that is the Holy Light in the Hands of a Human Soul; Heroes and Villains alike shall be given the touch of my Altruistic embrace. The power of such a gift, of course, brings the duty to protect and enforce its denotation. When a man acts above the shackles of fear, and beyond the restraint of his doubt, he embraces courage. The hero within shall break free from the chains wrought by cowardice, and fight with Valor above all else; only this can stand to save the saving grace. The second course of study presented to me was the final ascension. In a world of disorder, and misdeeds, one must know when to stand up for those too weak to fight. This knowledge is his test, only the truly righteous will give salvation to those damned on Earth. In each heart, there are mysteries, there are lies, and the most fearsome of all, there are weaknesses. Becoming more than mortal, and in turn, mightier than man, requires the comprehension of those imperfections, the perfection in acknowledging them. Integrity is not a trait easily conceived, and yet, it is a converse to all evil.

Tertiary to my teachings was the devotion to all greater than myself. Undying loyalty to my brothers in mankind, absolute worship of my superiors in Paradise; humbling to say the least, and absolving to speak truth. Existence brought forth hierarchy, and as such, all things are ordered; this is far from cruel, and yet it is definite and unalterable. The veneration of every soul, regardless of rank, and respected beyond sight; such is the truth of humility. Even beyond this, there is cause, and a rhyme for the greatest reason. To practice faith, and never falter in its actions is man’s mighty family, fidelity. Final and foremost to my learning’s are the acts that brought forth my revolution of character. Heroism and the resolve of Angel’s is only one side to the blade of a Warrior. Each man must face his inner demons, and only that confrontation with Satan’s sleeper can set you free of sin. As the sword of light and purity is run through the heart of darkness and corruption, the wisdom of ten thousand years is finally awakened in your soul. Every thought and every impulse is that of spreading the salvation, acts only known through true enlightenment cast through the entirety of the soul. With that will, the blade of a Warrior is truly awakened. The hidden side of his weapon is brought into the light for the greatest of truths it embodies; Absolution of Honor. Carrying the sword of God’s will, and bearing the soul of Valhalla’s pride; I have awakened to this world, and spread the commandments of my guardian’s compulsively to my heart’s demand.

In my journey of truth, in the eyes of every brother on the battlefield, and within the sacred walls of my soul; I was given salvation; from that gift, now and forevermore, I live; not as a man, but as a Paragon of Heroism, the Crusading Warrior.

The author's comments:
Bushido is the name of an ancient moral code that changed my life. The Samurai Creed of Honor is something I hold dear to my heart, and I've been putting forth much effort in my attempt to actualize my emotions in these words for some time now. I how that others will appreciate this piece of work.

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