800 meter

April 12, 2010
By Derek Griego BRONZE, ABQ, New Mexico
Derek Griego BRONZE, ABQ, New Mexico
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I hear the starting gun and I start to run
Around the corner I get a good pace
I want to win this race

I hear them behind me
but I don’t look to see
I stay focused on the track
and don’t look back
if I do I could loose the race
and then I would have to hide my face

Taylor is behind me he is really fast
he has beaten me in the past
but not today
Today is my day

I can hear my parents screaming
so I just keep breathing
the steps I was taking were like a clock ticking
I need a good time that’s not a crime
I’m on the last lap
So I pick up the pace
I have to win this race

Still in first place
My legs feel like they got hit with mace
I fight through the pain
and stay in my lane
the wind hitting my face
and just like that I win the race

The author's comments:
i like to run track

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