My Morning on the Beach

April 12, 2010
By xoxohannah16 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
xoxohannah16 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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My Morning on the Beach
I walk to the beach before sunrise
I hear the rush of the ocean around me
Rough sand is swirling through the wispy air
The breeze outside throws the cool water against my skin like a mist

Everything around me is so peaceful
All the bones begin to relax as
I take in my blissful surroundings
The sun begins to rise I can feel the warmth against my skin

Since it is early the beach is desolate
So I close my eyes so I can enjoy the moment
I notice the sand almost feels like I’m stepping on beads
As I open my eyes the sky is now a warm shade of orange

In the distance I hear two kids yelling
I know I won’t have the beach to myself any longer
But as I walk away from this pleasant scene
I keep the perfect image in my head

I can’t wait to come back tomorrow morning
So I can experience this moment once again

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