April 12, 2010
By hkay14 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
hkay14 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Atop the podium I stand,
Gazing across the sea of faces,
My ears ringing with the roar of the crowd.
Lights pop like stars,
Leaving tiny pricks of memory
Within my shuttered eyelids.

As the medal is slung around my neck,
I feel a surge of pride.
Cameras flash as I punch the air with my fist,
Sending a wave of cheers into the people's throats.
My national anthem blares from the speakers,
And I watch as my flag is raised
As if by magic
Into the starry night.

A take a last look at the ocean of people,
Backing off from my place above the world.
As I march from the stage,
A slow grin spreads on my face.
I hear the medal clink against my chest,
And I know:
I am golden.

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